Vegan B12 Liquid - Natural Cherry Flavor 2500mcg B-12 Vitamin Sublingual Supplement Drops - Bioactive Methycobalamin Formula for Maximum Absorption & Energy - Non-GMO, Gluten Free, 2 Month Supply

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A Healthy Nervous System Starts Here


Your body needs thirteen essential vitamins to thrive. The one that has a direct impact on your energy levels, brain function, and immune system? B-12. Thanks to its vital role in energy metabolism, liquid b12 sublingual helps fight fatigue and revitalize energy levels. But that’s not all! Vitamin b12 supplements may be your answer to improved cognition and optimized brain function too. Now, with Rawgirls, you can experience this incredible vegan vitamin in its most bioavailable form for faster, more effective results.


Feel Your Best with Nature’s Finest


Low on nasties and high on strength, the liquid vitamin b12 harnesses the power of nature to reinvigorate your overall well-being. We say “no” to harmful toxins and say “yes” to high-quality ingredients that bring you a wealth of health benefits.


Why Health Enthusiasts Nourish their Body with our liquid b12 drops:


✓ Methylated and sublingual drops offer greater bioavailability for faster results.

✓ Promotes energy, reduces fatigue, and boosts mood.

✓ Cold-pressed: Nothing but pure, natural ingredients free from GMO, gluten, sugar, yeast, milk, and soy.

✓ Delicious tart and tangy flavor derived from organic Montmorency cherries.

✓ Great value: Nourish your body with a 2-month supply.


The Fastest Way to Get Your Recommended Daily Dose of Vitamin B-12


Fact: Vitamin B-12 is hard to obtain from your diet alone. Now, you can let your mind and body flourish in just one 2,500mcg serving - the optimal daily dose of vitamin B-12. Only the most bioavailable Vitamin B-12 drops arrive at your doorstep after undergoing rigorous third-party tests in IS0-certified labs.