Vegan Extra Strength Liposomal Vitamin D3 - Bioactive Vitamin D Complex for Mood, Brain & Immune Support, Tasty Meyer Lemon Flavor, Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan, 2 Month Supply

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Feel Your Body Thrive with Rawgirls Liposomal Vitamin D3

Whether you want to boost your cognitive functioning, improve immune support, nourish bones and teeth or increase muscle strength, look no further than vitamin D3. Our extra-strength bioavailable formula ensures you receive your optimal daily dosage of this essential sunshine vitamin. And who thought high potency vitamin d3 could be delicious too? Our drops come in an irresistible Meyer Lemon flavor, sure to leave your whole household queuing up to take their daily drops!

Superior Bioavailability

So, what is “Liposomal” anyway? Liposomal delivers your vitamin D3 in fat-soluble protective lipid vesicles, resilient to digestive acids and other physiological components that would otherwise dramatically reduce vitamin absorption. Here is the exciting part: liposomal offers eight times greater absorption than other delivery systems such as capsules and pills, allowing you to experience even greater benefits of vitamin D3!

Discover Why Rawgirls Vitamin-D3 Bring Extra Sunshine with Every Drop:

✓ Liposomal Technology: Our liquid vitamin d liposomal drops ensure you get more from your vitamin D3 supplement.

✓ Benefits for All Ages: Vitamin D3 contributes to the healthy development of children and helps protect against postural instability and muscle weakness as we age.

✓ Delicious Taste: A combination of tangerine sweetness and tangy lemon produce a delicious vitamin D3 vegan formula.

✓ Two-month Supply: Enjoy 60-days of premium D3 supplementation.


Plant-based Vitamin D3 Sourced from Algae


Did you know most vitamin d3 supplements come from lanolin, secreted from the glands of sheep? We bypass this high C02 process by using sustainable Vegan vitamin d3 sourced from algae. The algae we use does not contain pesticides or other harsh toxins that would get in the way of a healthier, happier, stronger you!