Raw Girls Memphis

July 2nd 2017-18 servings - Raw Pumpkin Apple Breakfast Bread


Raw Pumpkin Apple Breakfast Bread

18 servings - vacuumed sealed - easily frozen.

Fresh pumpkin, apples, Raw Walnuts, Raw Almonds, Raw Flax Meal, Coconut Nectar, vanilla bean powder, Sea Salt


About Our Bread:

Finally a chef prepared, artisan raw bread that has depth of flavors and texture. The people who buy it weekly from our mobile grocery stores in Memphis, say it's the best bread they've ever had, and yet, it's gluten free, processed food free, chemical free, flour free, wheat free, refined sugar free and more (and just because it's free of all of those things, doesn't mean it's flavor free - in fact, it has more flavor and texture than most breads. It's absolutely delicious.

Folks tell us that they are completely full after a few bites, and are confused as to why (or how). Well, we use a long list of good stuff in our breads, from walnuts, almonds, ground flax, nutritional yeast, chia seeds, hemp seeds, hemp oils and more, just to name a few. When you're nourished on a cellular level, you are satisfied. It's the difference between empty calories, and calories that your body knows how to properly digest and assimilate. Your body knows what to do with clean, raw breads, and your body will LOVE it. 

Our breads our made with love, by Amy and Hannah (a.k.a The Raw Girls) personally (every batch), and are made in small batches to make sure the quality is excellent, every time. 

Our breads are prepared in Excalibur brand dehydrators, at temperatures of 118 degrees for 3 days. This means the nutritional integrity is intact. In other words, nothing gets cooked out. 

These breads are excellent for people who LOVE good, high quality, artisan foods, as well as those who are suffering from inflammation, celiac, IBS, digestive issues, and more.