WEDS. delivery:- 3 Day Premium Cleanse - September 29th

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Our local Memphis customers will receive (1) Delivery on Weds. evening after 5:00pm 

How we feel, how we look, and how we work, as well as the quality of our relationships are directly affected by our body's ph balance. If you drink coffee, alcohol and consume processed foods, dairy, meat - chances are, your body is acidic and your life is paying the price.  

You won't starve on our cleanse. You'll be nourished by Raw Girls soups, salads, as well as fueled by raw juices, smoothies, chlorella tablets, and probiotics.


What you will get per day for  3 days: 

(cleanses are delivered on MONDAY so that you can begin Monday morning)

Each Day:

2 - 16 oz bottles of cold pressed juices

1 Green Super Food Smoothie with heaps of green

1 Charcoal Cold Pressed Master Cleanse 

1 10 ounce cup of Medicinal Broth

10 chlorella tablets per day (500mg)

2 Detox teas

1 Raw Girls local, seasonal dinner

Digestive Enzymes




10 Benefits of Having a Balanced Body pH:

  • Skin more elastic, youthful
  • Deeper more restful sleep
  • Abundant physical energy
  • Suffer from fewer colds, headaches, flu viruses
  • Good digestion
  • Less arthritis
  • Reduction of candida (yeast) overgrowth
  • Won’t support osteoporosis
  • Increased mental acuity, mental alertness
  • Legal natural high


Extra Information:

Improved Energy Levels

Proper cell functioning is very important to a person’s overall energy level. If the cells are not healthy, they are not as effective at holding and transferring oxygen within the body. This can result in overall fatigue and a lack of energy. The body’s pH level can also affect a cell’s ability to produce adenosine triphosphate (ATP), which is important to the body’s energy level. This process normally takes place within a cell’s mitochondria. If the body’s pH level is too acidic, this process does not take place as effectively.

Improved Immune Function

When cells are healthy, they are effectively able to absorb the nutrients they require. Healthy cells are also efficient at eliminating waste products. If cells become weakened in any way, they are not nearly as effective at these kinds of functions. As a result, infectious organisms have a better chance of affecting these cells. When the body’s pH is too acidic, cells cannot function at their optimal level. This is why a person is more likely to become ill, develop infections, or even develop cancer when their diet is acidic as compared to alkaline.

Reduced Pain and Inflammation

Magnesium is one of the minerals the body uses to help control excessive acidity. If you eat a diet that has an acidic effect, the body is forced to use more magnesium to help neutralize it. However, magnesium is also a useful nutrient in the body that helps to support joint and tissue functions. By eating a diet that has an alkaline effect on the body instead of an acidic effect, your body will have more magnesium available to help reduce tissue and joint pain and inflammation.

Slower Aging

When cells are subjected to an acidic environment, they function much less efficiently. This reduction in functionality can impair a cell’s ability to repair itself, thus resulting in premature aging. Premature aging can also occur when cells are not able to get enough oxygen, and when they are not able to rid themselves of toxins. An alkaline diet can help prevent all of these scenarios. Better functioning cells means a younger appearance for you. Plus, as an added benefit, an alkaline diet program will also help you maintain a healthy weight.