Welcome to Rawgirls Memphis!

Organic, seasonal, locally-grown, dairy-free, gluten-free and refined sugar-free raw foods delivered to your home or office each week.
Amy Pickle (CIA trained chef) and Hannah Pickle of Rawgirls, create a box of prepared, vegan, gluten free, refined sugar-free, processed food free, organic, low-calorie raw foods that includes savory soups, gourmet entrées, side dishes and two delicious desserts.
Our box offers you healthy meals that you can bring to work or have waiting for you when you return home.
The Box can be shipped via Fed-Ex or UPS anywhere in the continental United States as well as Alaska and Hawaii.
The Box is $138 (includes local delivery fee). Order one week at a time with no commitment to continued service or set-up a standing order to be shipped to you each week! Customers who order 4 weeks at a time get a $40.00 savings each month.
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“Living foods create living bodies, dead foods create dead bodies.”
—Dr. Ann Wigmore
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